Privacy Policy and Endorsement Statement
My Privacy Policy is pretty simple.  I do not collect or track any information on or from those who visit my website. 


1)  If you contact me via the Email address I have posted on my web page I may retain our communication as well as the email address it came from, but I will never trade or sell your email address to anyone.  I want my privacy protected and I believe you probably want yours protected too!
(the exception to this rule would be if I receive a sobpoena from law enforement)

2)  Links from companies that I have a relationship with.  For example, I may receive donations through PayPal.  They, like any other company that may be connected to my site (directly or indirectly) may track any or all data transmitted via my website when any of that data transfer goes through their systems.  I have no control of this and those companies operate under their own Terms and Conditions as well as Privacy Policy.


You may notice that I mention specific products in my recipes.  These are there because I feel they provide the best quality product.

I do not receive compensation of any form from companies I mention in my recipes. 

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